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I am a transvestite of 18 years, my boyfreind is 58 years old, married twice. I bought lots of clothes and shoes, she loves seamed stockings and heels. On my birthday he called my house and told me to get dressed and put on my makeup and nail painting. told me I had a pleasure for me to camp. I have had a bath and nails and then put me up - lace top stockings holding a small pair of black lace panties and a pair of heels strips, which I did. I had fallen after a backless mini-dress that I had. When he arrived, he said he was very good looking, I went with him to kiss until I was gasping at the moment of his cock. I was surprised when he says back, however, in this, he said, casting a long raincoat I went on a drive. ID has never been out dressed, but I must admit I was so hot, I'd lupaland like each man what he wanted. I was out so dark, I went lupaland with him in the car, rubbing up and down my stockings, white witch, makes me one. he held a public toilet in a knownd me by the hand take me in. He took me into a dirty bucket full of pee on the floor. teasing, I ordered what I was wearing, he said. islipped of my dress and stood before him, told in panties stockings and heels. He put his clothes under his arm, said wait here and I stayed there dissipeared cubic shivering with cold and fear, what if someone came after what seemed like ages, I heard footsteps approaching again, thank God I thought hes. The door opened and there was a man of about 60 fat and soon somthing going to stutter on a joke that went wrong, but hegrabbed me and started to kiss my mouth full of his hans rubbing the back of my legs, my half tops. i found myself immediately turned around and put my toung in her mouth while massaging his penis through his pants. stopped sucking and started kissing me, I love the nipple and moaned with pleasure. gently pulled my panties aside and inserts a Chubband finger my ass and moaned, and pushed me against him. I squatted and opened his pants, lupaland she pushed against his knee, had a big cock reduce fat. its purple head, looked at me as gently cupped his balls and took him into my mouth. Slowly working the lipstick mouth up and down your shaft. After a lupaland lupaland while he pulled me lying on the floor spoke for the first time. I protested his thilthy please ask for what lay on my back and felt the cold concreate, Pissy wet in the lupaland back, and he snorted and gasped as stuggle to get to his knees on the floor. He was very fat lupaland then pushed my knees and pulled my pants apeart side of the tip of his cock in me to put my hands around his neck and pulled him I felt his huge body begin to open slowly stretched little hole. I spread my legs even more, so it was easy for him, and he slid smoothly into me. He was very friendly and slipped in and out of me slowly. coulddnt help me i even moved to the mouth of tor mine and we kissed like French, I began my cum in my pants, a sticky substance like his big belly shot hit against my conthiued to fuck me althogh i was there on my own urine value and strangers. I was able to accelerate feel his punches, and a final grunt, he pushed into me, and when it collapsed on me, I could feel his hot sauce inflate my ass, he was a minet went up for me and without saying a word I left lying on the ground to get inside me. and this is how I found me a minet after boyfreind was in the cubicle next door, heard did not say anything, but simply put on top of me and slippped his cock in my hole dripping olmost came immediately after took me can not go home i wait until my next birthday
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